Sunday, September 30, 2007

On Women Scorned

I didn't "feel" Pops Fernandez. Wala lang. But last Tuesday, I got one of the first issues of the October Yes! magazine in Dumaguete. Even before I read the article, I heard Martin Nievera's reaction on a Saturday afternoon showbiz talk show. He talked about his ex-wife as a "woman scorned." Imagine, he tried to justify the shocking tell-all! What the...!?

Pops has clearly been, and continues to be abused. Buti nga she was quiet all this time. Then her ex-husband and the woman responsible for breaking up her marriage decide to move back here AND be lovey-dovey on national television...with their new son! Parang we absolve them their indiscretion. An advice column I read recommends the reply: "Even though you do not respect your marriage vows, I do." "Woman scorned" ka diyan Martin, it's wrong whichever way you look at it!

Photo courtery of:

Honestly, they shouldn't get away with it. Pops was, to the public, stoic to the pleas of Martin. And this guy markets himself to the point of exploiting Pops. This revelation is overdue. Dapat lang that Katrina person hides her face in shame at the very least.

If Pops needs to spill in order to move on, let her do it. I will even let pass her attempts at surgical enhancement. Sige na nga, I forgive her na rin that FHM cover. Her self-esteem may have never recovered after the split. Sana her true healing begins right now.

They say that the best thing a man can do for his children is to love their mother. It follows then that Martin was not only a bad husband, he's a bad father as well.



  1. if you were analyzing martin's so many statements, the gauy was lying from very start, abusive creature

  2. Maybe that's why Pops had to speak up, to stop those lies.