Monday, September 17, 2007

On The Five Things I Want My Kids To Know

The original title of this post is "Five Things I Want My Kids To Know (Before They Grow Up)" from The Daily Meme. My kids are now in college, so I've told them all the stories, the fundamental lessons plus things they probably wish they didn't know.

I've adapted the title and renamed it "Five Things I Want My Kids To Know (That I Haven't Already Told Them):"

  • You are worth it. You are worth all the home-cooked meals, the sleepless nights, the hours behind the wheel. You are worth the time, you are worth the love.

  • You may not need nor meet the one "who completes you." It shouldn't bother you. If someone does come, I wish that they too hold themselves in esteem and personify your ideal.

  • I'm okay. I have been slowly preparing myself for your "emancipation" as I've helped you prepare. In this Asian culture, we're all going to get a lot of flak for this, but I will be your most ardent advocate. I will celebrate that you live your lives as you wish. Should you feel I be repaid in the future, just come visit or call. That will be enough.

  • Everybody has their story. Don't be too quick to judge. Give everybody the benefit of the doubt.

  • (For my girls:) Women are just as capable. You have CHOICES. Empower yourselves and your daughters.

Blogger's Note: For my children who read this, don't freak out! It's not a sign of impending doom:) For other readers, this is one of many subjects bloggers may choose to write on. For more about this topic, click on Fireball's site here.


  1. It's quite a list. You just know it's from the heart.