Friday, June 29, 2007

On My Cell Phone

Nung Synchronized elections after Cory was sworn in as President, I had access to a N2010. Kaya nyo yun!? Kahit sa Greenhills, N2110 yung earliest model nila. The kids had the latest models at the time, 90's na yun. Tapos yung sa akin, parang walkie-talkie. Two-liner lang yun. At least it wasn't analog. Di naman ako naawa sa sarili ko. There was this stall nga in Galleria that dressed them up with stickers. As a salute to punk rock (the last thing I remember before I became a Mom), nagpalagay kaya ako ng Union Jack hahah!! It was a poor disguise but I loved it. I would have used it forever but I left it out in the rain one night. Siguro yun yung feeling pag namatayan ka ng pet (may asthma si panganay, bawal). I was inconsolable.

When I needed another phone, I got a Bosch908. It had all the features I needed. No more, no less. I had it till early this year. I was using it for almost a decade. German technology rules! A friend borrowed then promptly lost it. Hay naku!

I went to Harrison Plaza then got my N3210 for 700 bucks. I remember when it was hot and everybody had one. I always wondered what it felt like. Meron nako! Ngayon, when they look at my phone, sila yung naiinggit. Well, at least that's what they say.
My Mom has a nicer phone than mine. Heck, everybody has a better phone than I do. But then I always ask myself: What for!? Kesehodang puro caps yung text ko. I get my messages and calls across, yun yung importante. I do everybody a favor by keeping my messages to a maximum of 160 characters. So sue me!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Milk

I just heard this ad on TV. Kesyo "ang gatas ng baka ay para sa baka...." and goes on to imply na dapat human milk lang ang fit for human consumption. Eh, yung soymilk kaya, para saan?

I'm all for breastfeeding. I did it. And I agree na when possible, at least the first six months of life breast milk talaga. Pero sobra naman! I know the issue, well at least I think I do. Iba yung ban ng milk ads, but it's beginning to look like they're outlawing everything else but breast milk. What's happening?

Last week there was this parade of topless women (may body art naman) na nagpo-protest kuno against the milk companies. I feel a conspiracy theory here. The women looked like they couldn't care less about the issue than being on TV and getting paid to bare their boobs. Who's behind this? Magpakita kaya sila and mag-bare ng dede, much less their faces.

After breast milk, the pedia advised the kids to drink any full cream milk. When the kids decided they didn't want milk in any form, I sneaked it into their food. Gata, cream, evap, kahit powdered milk in their dessert. Lahat yun isinama ko sa food. I knew that the kids needed their milk, especially the girls. Growing up, Lolo would bring us a warm bottle of carabao milk everyday we were in the farm.

Now that they're older, they still get their soy milk and low-fat high-calcium milk. Why not? I'm proud to be living in a country where we have choices, at least in consumer goods. Now they're telling me better wag na sila mag-milk imbes na uminom ng gatas ng baka. There's already gonna be legislation, so why the hard sell? What's in it for them? It doesn't sound like any form of advocacy to me.

I'll never look at a can of evap the same way again shett. Thank you ha, sino man kayo!

On Family

I Googled "How To Blog" to get this started. How pathetic is that! Buti nalang may Google account ako, invite pa ng panganay ko. She said I needed a second email account. Malay ko at the time! I just didn't want to turn her down. Kaya heto, nagmamasid-masid ako para sa katatawanan niyo. I think there are enough society, entertainment and lifestyle blogs. I was always non-conformist. Kunwari cerebral yung dating ko:p Tignan niyo naman yung buhay ng isang pangkaraniwang Pinay na nag-aambisyon para sa mga anak niya.

I have four kids. Two of them are in Silliman University, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. One is a freshman, the other has a student ID which begins 2002. Sana mag-doktora siya para may excuse. Unico hijo is in DLSU-Taft, my second daughter is a Senior sa St. Scho. The commute sa akin to check on them is awful, I wouldn't wish it on you. I love their schools! Someone once mentioned to me that I could have put them in lesser schools just to get it over and done with. Tama siya, but I couldn't. Kelangan ko pa rin matulog ng mahimbing. Mamomroblema ka na rin lang sa tuition, eh, laki-lakihan mo na. Di mo rin naman mababayaran diba? (Puro ako Plan C). Awa ng Diyos, the two eldest girls graduate in March DAW! Before I forget, my grandson is in Nursery 1, Dumaguete rin.

Wag na nila ako intindihin, pinaghahandaan ko 'to. Pero wag din sana sila intindihin. I'm willing to shoulder living expenses for eternity. Pero iba na yung personal luho, good luck mga anak. I think I deserve not having to worry about it na.

I love all these kids to death! I took a quiz years ago to figure what's important to you. No surprise, everybody else was expendable but for them. Nadagdagan pa ng grandson panggulo. Until everybody graduates and lives their own lives (na DAPAT lang!), I will continue to post my thoughts and feelings. Four years kaya yun at least. Matira matibay...

Keep your fingers and eyes crossed, sana di ako masyadong busy mag-post.

On Blogging

This way long overdue. Like everybody else out there, I think I can write better lol! I plan to write a series of essays on everyday things. On being Pinay, a single mother of four college-age kids, a grandmother of the smartest 3-year old in the world (I am nothing but objective... humor me pls!), on housework and everything mundane and make it interesting. I'd hate to ask help from the kids, baka technophobe ako pero di ko aaminin. Eto nga sa template ko pa kinuha yung porma ng blog. I'm throwing this out to the world, maybe because it's lonely. But from my perspective, I just don't get it! SAKLOLO:) P.S. I heard the word blog-hopping for the first time yesterday. Sana maka-tisod ako!