Friday, June 29, 2007

On My Cell Phone

Nung Synchronized elections after Cory was sworn in as President, I had access to a N2010. Kaya nyo yun!? Kahit sa Greenhills, N2110 yung earliest model nila. The kids had the latest models at the time, 90's na yun. Tapos yung sa akin, parang walkie-talkie. Two-liner lang yun. At least it wasn't analog. Di naman ako naawa sa sarili ko. There was this stall nga in Galleria that dressed them up with stickers. As a salute to punk rock (the last thing I remember before I became a Mom), nagpalagay kaya ako ng Union Jack hahah!! It was a poor disguise but I loved it. I would have used it forever but I left it out in the rain one night. Siguro yun yung feeling pag namatayan ka ng pet (may asthma si panganay, bawal). I was inconsolable.

When I needed another phone, I got a Bosch908. It had all the features I needed. No more, no less. I had it till early this year. I was using it for almost a decade. German technology rules! A friend borrowed then promptly lost it. Hay naku!

I went to Harrison Plaza then got my N3210 for 700 bucks. I remember when it was hot and everybody had one. I always wondered what it felt like. Meron nako! Ngayon, when they look at my phone, sila yung naiinggit. Well, at least that's what they say.
My Mom has a nicer phone than mine. Heck, everybody has a better phone than I do. But then I always ask myself: What for!? Kesehodang puro caps yung text ko. I get my messages and calls across, yun yung importante. I do everybody a favor by keeping my messages to a maximum of 160 characters. So sue me!

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