Saturday, December 20, 2008

On The Search For True Love

As my Prince did not come to me over the past weekend, I went out in search of him. Early Monday morning I thought I dressed sensibly in mid-heel mules, black wrinkle-free skirt, plain white shirt and a colorful scarf.

Since I wanted someone from the working class, I had to go somewhere they converged.  Our local Starbucks was usually packed with Chinoy students. Off limits!

The next sensible place to look was at the LRT terminal, a block away.  People went there when they had somewhere to go.  On Mondays, it meant that they were off to work.  Unfortunately, female passengers are placed exclusively in the first two cars.  No males there but the elderly and handicapped.  No thanks!

I had no idea where I was going, it was the journey that thrilled me.  There was a dominance of the male species at the Baclaran terminal that were mostly shorter than I.  WARNING: Do not wear mules at rush hour!  You may lose your slipper before you get to dance with your Prince Charming.

I found myself hours later at a public park and contemplated my foolishness and weary feet.  I let my mules decide where to go next.  I ended up home and stayed under the covers for the next three days.

Friday, December 12, 2008

...And Then Some!

The weekend is here with no (real or imagined) prospect of true love in sight.  I asked my brother to set me up with one of his friends.  Seriously.  He ignored my message.

I should consider myself lucky.  Some people go through life without ever finding their one true love. I, on the other hand, have been lucky enough to find it...TWICE!  That they happened to turn into turd at the end didn't matter.  Maybe I do it to them.  Who knows?  In fact, who cares?

When life hands you lemons, you don't always make lemonade.  Sometimes you just have to pucker your lips and suck out the bitterness.  With a shot of tequila...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Moving On

After a near-fatal fit of the giggles, I finally got my groove back. First on the agenda: Put up the tree.

Normally, I do this soon after my birthday. Yup! I did have [a birthday] but it took longer than usual to recover. The hangover lasted more than two weeks. What can I say? I do know how to party!

As only I know how, I lost my Christmas tree on December 2003. Don't ask... Gone were the lights, my wooden ornaments, garlands, wreaths and angels I had collected over the years.

I took a Christmas off to grieve. I planted mango seedlings in my farm instead. (They generate a better ROI). For my grandson's sake, I replaced my lost tree the following year.  That's his Patrick Star which we use as a tree topper.  Now on its fourth appearance, our tree looks battle-scarred but happy. Gabriel loves the idea of a "big" tree. My kids eagerly await what comes next: the food!

There are a lot of ornaments left over. I reached my "anal" quota in July and want things more organic. Luckily, even plastic trees are the trend. With the environmentalists breathing down our necks, it was only a matter of time till the demise of the au naturel tree.

I just noticed that most of the ornaments are hand-made.  Pretty things!  Next year when I can afford it, I should get those LED Christmas lights.

True to tradition, I'm late getting presents. What I already have is on a table somewhere.  Dogs and brights wrappers are a common foe.

The first thing I bought is this rubber chicken.  It shrieks.  For 70 pesos at a bazaar, it has made all of us here laugh.  I should've gotten more! Now we're arguing who gets to keep it.  It will probably go to my year-old niece who has everything (except a rubber chicken that shrieks).

Click here to hear a shrieking chicken!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

On "Lupang Hinirang" (Re-Mastered)

During the Pacquiao-Barrera rematch, I wrote a lengthy blog post about out National Anthem. In it, I critiqued the various performances before boxing matches.  Until then, it was a hit or miss thing that did nothing to boost national pride.

Tomorrow morning, Karylle [Tatlonghari] is given the honor.  Despite a famous ex-boyfriend and a diva for a mother, she's got her head on straight.  She has better odds than Pacquiao of giving a great performance.

Speaking of odds, what's gotten into our "Pambansang Kamao?"  It's hard to believe what most say that he's just in for the purse.  Additionally, this bout is turning out to be a gambler's wet dream. So they're all in it for the money. What the ****!?  Where's Pac-Man's patriotism and "para sa bayan" mantra? Honestly, I just wish he comes out of this with his pride intact.

For those like Pacquiao who need a shot in the arm, there's a new film version of "Lupang Hinirang." It is meant to touch the hearts and minds of Filipinos everywhere.  This 2:28-minute video was created purposely "for reflection.  It is not meant to replace the official anthem normally played as a march."

Please watch it and be reminded.


Friday, December 5, 2008

On Being "Accounts Payable"

During a recent launch, a friend remarked that I was "accounts payable."  I laughed in her face. Oh sure, who doesn't need the moolah?  But really, I wanted to know what it meant.  NOW!

Did it mean I was owed money?  Money's easy:  You earn it. You spend it. No biggie. What's with the labels anyway? Of course people owe me money and I, in return, owe others. So goes the circle of friendship, family, forfeiture and finance.

But really, what mattered? It got me to thinking about my own list of "Accounts Receivable." For my services rendered, what could I reasonably demand in return? How high a premium could I place on my skills and emotion?  After much soul-searching, I think I have it:

MY CHILDREN.  In 2006, Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, wrote a Mother's Day column. In it he wrote, consulting  job analysts at, that a stay-at-home Mom's salary would be $143,121 annually.  (Multiply for numbers of years on duty and adjust numbers for inflation!)
I'd love to be able to say that I'll take the cash, thank you:)  In the real world though, you just keep your fingers crossed and hope that these kids make the same effort with THEIR kids someday.
What I do expect from them really, is for them to be independent. They should apply critical thinking in all aspects of their lives, act responsibly and be of value to society and country.

MY (FUTURE) SIGNIFICANT OTHER.  If this person does exist, I demand total honesty.  You shouldn't tell me it's okay when it isn't, goddamit!  I'm a big girl and can take care of myself. There may be better-off, cuter or smarter men, but real men of integrity are hard to find.

FRIENDS (WOO-HOOT!).  You owe me your loyalty.  The form of extreme loyalty that I'm able to give.  The kind where you just know that I'll pull through for you during the toughest times.

MY "PEOPLE."  More than servitude, I expect them to trust me.  It's important that they know I value their efforts and do not take them for granted.  They should be aware that I never make a decision that is not to our mutual benefit.

MY GRANDSON, GABRIEL.  Love forever:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On Dummies and the Internet

I wasn't going to write about this at all. However, it's too amusing not to be shared.

I actually made an enemy online by typing LOL! And as if that wasn't enough, the dummy thought my username called him a liar. Uhmmm... username, username, username.

I know many people who don't have computers at home who are well-versed in computerese. Computer cafe mainstays actually put my skill to shame.  thefreedictionary website has 78 definitions of LOL.  FYI, dear dummy, LOL is not short for ULOL!

Anyone with a two-digit IQ should be BANNED from computers. Violators should be shot on sight. The most severe forms of torture should be reserved for those who attempt to join social networking sites, like Friendster. I'll bet they don't have friends nor photos, well maybe one if they're lucky. One thing this person definitely does not have is a sense of humor.

How can anyone totally misread my private messages? Twice!  I think I'm pretty straightforward and an easy read.  Maybe I should have written in the vernacular.

Duh?? Duh-mmy?? FRIENDster!  It was a dumb social experiment.  I'll stick to blogging.