Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On Moving On

After a near-fatal fit of the giggles, I finally got my groove back. First on the agenda: Put up the tree.

Normally, I do this soon after my birthday. Yup! I did have [a birthday] but it took longer than usual to recover. The hangover lasted more than two weeks. What can I say? I do know how to party!

As only I know how, I lost my Christmas tree on December 2003. Don't ask... Gone were the lights, my wooden ornaments, garlands, wreaths and angels I had collected over the years.

I took a Christmas off to grieve. I planted mango seedlings in my farm instead. (They generate a better ROI). For my grandson's sake, I replaced my lost tree the following year.  That's his Patrick Star which we use as a tree topper.  Now on its fourth appearance, our tree looks battle-scarred but happy. Gabriel loves the idea of a "big" tree. My kids eagerly await what comes next: the food!

There are a lot of ornaments left over. I reached my "anal" quota in July and want things more organic. Luckily, even plastic trees are the trend. With the environmentalists breathing down our necks, it was only a matter of time till the demise of the au naturel tree.

I just noticed that most of the ornaments are hand-made.  Pretty things!  Next year when I can afford it, I should get those LED Christmas lights.

True to tradition, I'm late getting presents. What I already have is on a table somewhere.  Dogs and brights wrappers are a common foe.

The first thing I bought is this rubber chicken.  It shrieks.  For 70 pesos at a bazaar, it has made all of us here laugh.  I should've gotten more! Now we're arguing who gets to keep it.  It will probably go to my year-old niece who has everything (except a rubber chicken that shrieks).

Click here to hear a shrieking chicken!

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