Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Milk

I just heard this ad on TV. Kesyo "ang gatas ng baka ay para sa baka...." and goes on to imply na dapat human milk lang ang fit for human consumption. Eh, yung soymilk kaya, para saan?

I'm all for breastfeeding. I did it. And I agree na when possible, at least the first six months of life breast milk talaga. Pero sobra naman! I know the issue, well at least I think I do. Iba yung ban ng milk ads, but it's beginning to look like they're outlawing everything else but breast milk. What's happening?

Last week there was this parade of topless women (may body art naman) na nagpo-protest kuno against the milk companies. I feel a conspiracy theory here. The women looked like they couldn't care less about the issue than being on TV and getting paid to bare their boobs. Who's behind this? Magpakita kaya sila and mag-bare ng dede, much less their faces.

After breast milk, the pedia advised the kids to drink any full cream milk. When the kids decided they didn't want milk in any form, I sneaked it into their food. Gata, cream, evap, kahit powdered milk in their dessert. Lahat yun isinama ko sa food. I knew that the kids needed their milk, especially the girls. Growing up, Lolo would bring us a warm bottle of carabao milk everyday we were in the farm.

Now that they're older, they still get their soy milk and low-fat high-calcium milk. Why not? I'm proud to be living in a country where we have choices, at least in consumer goods. Now they're telling me better wag na sila mag-milk imbes na uminom ng gatas ng baka. There's already gonna be legislation, so why the hard sell? What's in it for them? It doesn't sound like any form of advocacy to me.

I'll never look at a can of evap the same way again shett. Thank you ha, sino man kayo!

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