Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Being Behind The Wheel

I just came home from driving on and off for six hours, and it's only midday! This fact dawned on me when I felt the pain shoot up my back as I stretched. Although my day started at about 6am, it wasn't after 2 coffees that I had to leave. This was how it went:

  • 7:15 Bring Tara and Gia to Silliman in time for their 7am class. (Impossible, right?)
  • -7:45 Dash into the convenience store for juice and newspapers, national & local.
  • -8:15 Get deposit slip from guard at bank. I ask him if I can be customer #1 and get the stub already. No go! They only give out stubs/numbers at 9am when they open.
  • 8:30 Pick Gia up, go to the supermarket...
  • -8:45 ...which opens at 9am! Read the paper to pass time.
  • -9:00 Get a week's worth of groceries done in 30 minutes and bring it back home.
  • -9:45 Drop off groceries, pick up Gab for preschool which starts at 10.
  • 10:05 Drop Gab off. Gia's already late for her 10am class!
  • 10:30 Find a place to park and make a deposit to Manila account. The electricity has to be paid.
  • 10:50 Buy lunch!! Too busy driving to actually get any cooking done. Grab half a soggy tuna sandwich and an ice-cold Coke to keep your energy level up.
  • 11:15 Gab's class is almost over! Circle the block 3 times and settle for a spot far away from preschool.
  • 11:25 Run back to the car because I see I'm getting a ticket for: Illegal parking of all things, the first ticket of my life!!
  • 11:40 Late picking Gab up. He's the only one left:( I'm closer to tears than he is.
  • 11:50 Go to Hibbard Hall to pick Tara up when she's actually at the Science building across the field. And as if it wasn't enough, there's a sudden downpour!
  • 12:10 Go home to realize I've left Zaki in school. Tara sat on my phone on the way back so I didn't see the message. Rush back to Silliman.
  • 12:25 Apologize profusely to Zaki, decide to wait for Gia. Her class ends at 12.30
  • 12:45 Take Zaki and Gia home, Tara's class is at 1. Take her to class immediately.
  • 1:20 Finally get home to get a few words in.

And did I mention that all my kids are of college age!? Oh yeah, and it's THAT time of the month. Anybody would've guessed! Duty resumes at 3:00.

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  1. awww... buti na lang we walk to school... :) except when its raining... XD