Friday, August 31, 2007

On School Uniforms & Dress Codes (Part III)

I can't believe I left out the part about footwear! It may be because it wasn't brought up in the Weekly Sillimanian. Though I remember shortly before Foundation Week, there was something like "Come To School in Slippers Day" as a form of protest. This necessitates a Part 3 to the already long series. I'll be quick.

As I mentioned two posts ago, the students at De La Salle University in Taft Avenue vigorously defended their right to wear their favorite footwear.

Everyone knows that the now fashionable flip-flops originated in Asia. In the vernacular, they're the ever reliable tsinelas. Who knew they would be all the rage?




I'm all for comfort. When you have a campus as large as Silliman's, it's a blessing to have comfortable shoes. The terrain varies from place to place from dirt, concrete, asphalt, grass, marble and tile. The lowly slipper can walk with ease wherever it goes come rain or shine.

Besides, if you consider all the conveyances students ride to get to school, you're better off in slippers. Students take the pedicab (read:tricycle), the back of an easy-ride (those locally assembled miniature pick-up trucks), bicycles and scooters. We're not even talking about walking here.

I admit there are many alternatives for women: flats, loafers or sneakers. Oh yeah, and the infamous Crocs. Let's leave it to them to decide. In the same way they decide to put themselves in serious danger with heels higher than 2."

Men on the other hand, classify their footwear into just two categories: open/closed, leather/non-leather, black/non-black, depending on who you're talking with. With one whole option unavailable to them, imagine the air of discontent in the campus.

NOTE: I have been unable to think of anything else to say that I haven't said before. So I'll just spare all of us the discomfort and end it!

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