Sunday, October 14, 2007

More On Teachers

I'm happy to get a lot of reaction on my "Teachers" post, even from family members. One of my sisters is a teacher. One of my aunts studied to be a teacher. She ended up being an Ambassador, but that's another story. My Mom, a lawyer, taught Constitution for a time at Assumption College, her alma mater. A few years ago, she taught at Silliman Law School. Now that she's retired, I should bring up her going back.

In other parts of the world, teachers are getting recognition. Oprah Winfrey says they're her favorite people. In 2004, a Favorite Things" episode of hers featured only teachers in the audience.

In the world of fashion, designer Zac Posen has partnered with DHL to create the Zac Posen + DHL Tote For Teachers and will donate 100% of proceeds to benefit Teachers Count. Teachers Count (USA) is a non-profit organization that prides itself in furthering teacher appreciation. Read the full article here.

The October 4, 2007 post from Blogger Buzz, the official Blogger blog:) points to the Official Google blog for this post:

When it comes to philanthropy, everyone’s got something different to give – some people have money, others have time, and bloggers have devoted readers. The creative folks at DonorsChoose have a few ideas about how bloggers can help students and teachers.

In case you’re not familiar with DonorsChoose, it’s a site where teachers post needs they have for their classrooms, and donors fund those projects directly. If you’ve got a blog, a website, or even an email account, you can help by creating what’s called a challenge. Just pick some of your favorite projects and challenge your family, friends, and readers to fund them. If you’ve got a Blogger account, it’s easy to add your challenge to your blog in just a few clicks.

Pity there's no such thing here in the Philippines. Maybe we should start one. Awards given out are well enough, but they're individual. It's time our educators receive their due. They do more for our country than most legislators. And that's the truth.

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