Friday, October 26, 2007

On Antulang

Tara had a birthday last weekend but she didn't plan on celebrating. It just so happened that Nicole wanted to be here during sem break and Arthur came all the way from Bacolod to surprise her. My Mom was also here for a few days before leaving for Manila again. It made for one big "party" wherever we were. After inquiring at their Dumaguete office, we decided to go to Antulang. The rates for locals are very reasonable. Rooms start at PhP1,080.-

I knew it would be a long-ish drive to Siaton and that Antulang was up in the mountains. What I didn't count on was that the last 10 or so kilometers would be on mostly unpaved roads taking up the longest, back-breaking 45 minutes of my life! I missed my 4WD back in Manila with its mag wheels and plush seating. All the concentrating made me hungry even if I had breakfast just an hour before AND I seriously needed a nicotine fix.

It was heaven to finally reach our destination! The "kids" jumped right into vast expanse of water. The infinity pool overlooked the ocean. Apo Island was visible at a distance. And the best part was the swimming! It made sense that the pool was filled with sea water.

Lunch was a pleasant surprise. I don't know why I expected bad food (tsk! tsk!), but when I took my first bite of lunch, I knew the rest of our stay would be enjoyable. We had dinner there and breakfast the following day, and the food was consistently good though simple. Prices would be considered steep compared to Dumaguete prices, but they're pretty reasonable when you consider that they have large servings.

We snuck in a birthday cake we bought the day before. I even got candles. But there were a FEW things we didn't consider. It was a sansrival cake that needed refrigeration. We hoped it survived the drive. Plus, Nicole had a serious peanut allergy and Arthur was allergic to cashew! The meringue wafers were already soggy but the butter frosting held it together. But everybody got to sing for the birthday girl. All things in perspective!

There was a mini-zoo and a well-maintained playground. Antulang seemed like it was located at the edge of a precipice, cliffs were below when you looked over the rails. Horseback riding, cruises and snorkeling were available. Too bad we didn't even have time to explore. The overnight stay was too short but we all had to get back to the city.

Before we left, though, we just had to see a pool villa. It's the primary picture shown on their web page and brochure. It was what Antulang was famous for, at least for local honeymooners. Priced at PhP12,500.-, it was securely enclosed and had its own view, pool and jacuzzi. All I can say is that it's worth the hype!

Although I can't say that we'd be going back again there soon, it's nice to know that our options are open. Nicole posted more pictures in her Multiply site. Click here to view. Visit the Antulang home page here for more information.

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