Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Finding Your Passion

A Volkwagen Kombi pulled up into the empty slot next to ours at the grocery store. They're a rare sight these days but the ones left are usually well-loved. This was no exception.

I've learned that coming up to men and asking about their cars is quite acceptable. Men can spend HOURS talking about their ride and be mum on everything else. The owner was a retired pastor with the Philippine Air Force and former chaplain at the Villamor Air Base. He showed me the modifications and custom work. I couldn't help but admire the time (and moolah) he poured into this classic. When I finally took my eyes off the Kombi, I noticed he was wearing a VW cap and a VW shirt neatly tucked into his shorts.

I had to ask if he was married. Excuse me, I wasn't flirting! From experience I know that I'm a rarity and most wives resent the time men spend with their cars. Apparently, the pastor loved Volkwagen before he fell in love with his wife:) All I can say is that Pastor chose well because she too became an aficionado. He proudly says that Volkwagen memorabilia is all around their house. Actually, he had placed an order for customized VW flatware (spoons and forks!!) to complement their VW dishes and VW placemats. Wow, I wonder if its chromed!

My first car was a 1979 Beetle 1600 with twin carburetors. It made for one sweet drive. I guess this is the boring stuff unless you've owned a Beetle. It's always, always love at first sight. But the chaplain's passion far exceeded mine, despite the fact that he had a full-time religious vocation.

We should all be so passionate about something in our lives. This generation has become one of mere spectators. We've come up with the word "interactive" which defines the dynamics between man and machine. Are we a sorry bunch or what!? I must admit I'm as guilty of being apathetic as everybody else. It's time everyone got a move on and feel deeply about ANYTHING, even the lowly Bug.

On the other hand, I feel strongly about getting rid of that rogue senator with a penchant for finer accommodations. That's a start!


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