Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Idle Land

I had planned to send my son to Singapore next year for his graduate training.  (We have to pay for this privilege).  To come up with the much needed cash, I intended to put idle land and neglected trees to work.  This is where my story begins...

If there's anything that screams "WASTE" at me, it's idle land, especially farm land.

There's no easier way to have ready cash or have food on your table than by agriculture. Although the Philippine government, past and present, has effectively put an end to farming as a means of sustainable living (think: CARP, the fertilizer scam and the current rice shortage), those who do farming at leisure or own a small piece of rural land can have a little bit of extra cash.  I'm getting my rice for free for the next year because I thought of planting my own. I intend to sell a portion of the harvest so my expenses will be returned.  As to the rest?  I plan to give it away.  Because I can.  And because people need my measly contribution.

There are mango trees untended on a lot of farms because urbanites and those who left their country for greener pastures just don't care.  I had planned to take on the care of a few idle mango trees for a small profit next year but the green monster has stepped in.  Uhmm wait... the green monster isn't envy.  It's CASH... as in United States Dollars.

Maybe I have to reconsider my concept of family and the care of idle land seriously before I continue with my plan.

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