Saturday, August 25, 2007

On My New "Old" Phone

My Nokia3210 finally died! His was a long and productive life. I didn't even attempt to look for a replacement in the beginning. I was forlorn. I had to snap out of it soon though because everybody had to get in touch with me and I wasn't getting anything done. It didn't even occur to me that I was attached/dependent on any functioning cell phone. I was in denial.

About a month later, while using a borrowed phone, I decided to find another one. Of course I wasn't going to cough up moolah for a new one. I was holding out for the third generation iPhone, whenever it would come to the Philippine shores. I admit it was unfair (and not to mention stupid!) for me to think that my old, trusty phone would last another 3 years at least.

It's fun for me to find bargains. I don't mind using outdated, previously used phones. Though there are a few things I pay full price on, I don't put a premium on cellular phones. That's just the way I am. So my daughter and I decided to to second-hand, reconditioned phone shopping:)

We first decided on a budget: Php2K or at today's exchange rate, about US$43! Then, we talked about the features I wanted: (1) it had to be flip phone; (2) lighter than my previous phone which was 151 grams; and (3) had to look more fabulous than it actually cost. As to a bluetooth, IR, camera, display, sound, everything else, it didn't matter. For as long as I could SMS and call, then it was good enough for me.

My daughter took to the task seriously. We asked the salesgirl (as we still call them here) to bring out a lot of the display items so we could scrutinize each one. And then... I saw it!

It was a gem of a flip-top and at 96 grams, was considerably lighter than my old phone. Though it didn't have a camera, it could receive MMS messages. It can connect to the internet, but I don't use this feature. The colored display almost made me cry! The textured housing made it easy for me to find it in my purse. After haggling the price down to Php2,150.00 with a 6-month warranty, I paid for my "new" phone. Long may he live!


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