Thursday, August 23, 2007

On Little Boys and Puppies

There's nothing more adorable than pictures of little boys and their puppies. Then again, maybe it's little girls and their dolls... NOT:)

These days I'm partial to little boys, particularly this one on the right, my grandson Gabriel. Throw in a puppy, and it makes for one unruly house!

While growing up, my kids always begged me to get them a puppy but I never gave in. There was asthma, additional housecleaning, the extra mouth to feed. I had all the excuses.

This boy broke my resolve in two weeks flat. A puppy came into our lives in the most extraordinary manner. As if a reward, we now see Gabriel play outdoors. We visit fields and parks so he can practice his banshee screams while running with the puppy at full speed. He's made a lot of new friends because everyone wants to meet the boy and his puppy. He watches TV and uses the computer less. He has a new best friend that he can count on to play when everyone else is too tired. Best of all, Gab has learned that life isn't all about him. It's all good!

We now have a devoted yaya, an indefatigable playmate and taga-kain ng leftovers in the form of a lovable canine of dubious pedigree.

Find out how Silly Dog came to be our master here.


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  1. Ha ha ha... Dogs and Puppies will someday rule the world. How can we say we, the human race) are the masters of these puppies when we are the ones cleaning their Poops!