Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On Skinny Cooks

I heard a few weeks ago that one should never trust "fat accountants and skinny cooks."

What's with that!? I cook, I'm skinny...what gives? What if it's metabolism? What if the cook is too pooped to actually get to eating?

Get this: Figure out what to cook for the day, research the recipe then do the grocery/market list, drive yourself to the grocery/market, do the actual grocery/market shopping, PAY FOR IT!, prep the ingredients, cook, taste, adjust seasoning (I've skipped a few hundred steps here), serve in pretty tableware, set table, call anyone who cares to listen that it's mealtime.

Now comes the hard part: Clean your mess, dump everything at the sink, STARE at the sink and wish everything disappears in a blink of an eye. And all the while, hope that the garlic smell gets off your fingers and the oven temperature ceases to heat the whole kitchen up.

And the clincher: You don't have a maid!!

I love being able to make good food and feeding people. It's my vocation.

As for me, I'm a low-maintenance girl. I'd take the isaw from around the corner anytime. And I DON'T DO DISHES:)


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