Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On School Uniforms & Dress Codes (Part II)

I pity Silliman University authorities for even trying to define "appropriate dress." It's so subjective that it's bound to generate arguments on all sides. I won't spare anyone my take on this matter. I will, however, make it a lot more interesting.

Sleeveless shirts for both men and women are not only worn for their fashion merit. There's a whole sensibility to this. It keeps the wearer cool in the Dumaguete weather and the blackouts:) The best part of these articles of clothing is that they spare the public at large from those disgusting things called sweat marks.

Unless I go to a private affair, I don't wear tube or off-shoulder blouses. I wouldn't exactly define them as inappropriate, but I got that email with the video of a girl whose tube top was pulled down as a prank by a stranger. It totally freaked me out!

Source: www.olivergoodstuff.com

Source: community.livejournal.com/sfas

Source: houseofholland.co.uk

And who's to tell us what's foul or not? Even being politically correct is a matter of taste. The shirt above cost 35 pounds and anyone "fasyon" recognizes it. If it's "in," is it right? And how about politically incorrect t-shirts, what does it mean anyway? Is a "Gloria Resign!" slogan foul? Any number of minorities may find any number of logos offensive. Take your pick.

What's with plunging necklines? I made a comment regarding bra size in my last post. I wasn't exaggerating. They matter. Plunging necklines only seem obscene when it's filled it out, and even that's a matter of debate. With anyone with cup size smaller than "B," you would only expose your clavicle.

Source: www.people.com

An identical dress, a fairly decent one by any standard, can look different on two women. We may write down all the rules and the kids may try to follow it to the letter with malice to no one. Sometimes, though, we should just admit that we don't have it all covered.

This pair of pants retails at $79.00 at Abercrombie & Fitch. These are "The" tattered/torn jeans!

What if you can't get these jeans and can afford only ukay? I once had a pair of those and literally wore them till they fell apart. And it was the time when torn jeans weren't even uso.

Source: www.abercrombie.com

Athletes in shorts always look HOT, they distract you in the worst possible way. Is that why they want to ban athletic wear in the campus? So for as long as the Varsity teams compete to the best of their ability, let them wear what they want! I'm kind of divided on the PE uniform thing though, especially when they've been recently used. If it's a matter of hygiene, I'd probably consider. But as to the comfort and time element, I'd rather run to my next class in this gear than in a pretty dress.
Source: www2.hkedcity.net

On the subject of "short" shorts for men however, I agree that they should be banned. Just because they're fugly, nothing else. Wearing those infamous "nutcracker" shorts are over. Plus, this might cause blood to rush to you head. Not nice!
Source: www.stevetaft.com

Leggings are cute. I was there when they came out the last time, I think the 80's. I hope they're not on the way out. It's entirely different how they are worn by kids today. It's actually a form of modesty to wear leggings or skinny jeans under a short dress.

Source: www.areyouabeauty.com

Fashion is dynamic so it keeps changing. And even as the dress code is being discussed, tube tops might not be "it thing" anymore. As for trends yet to come, do we keep adding them to the list?

I am not for the imposition of a dress code. As a conservative mother, it's important for ME that my children wear clean clothing and attire appropriate to the event and venue. They were taught to give due respect to those who admit them into their territory, so to speak.

To impress my standards on others however, is not right. Part of the respect is accepting what OTHER PEOPLE deem appropriate.

Silliman is known as a progressive and liberal Christian university. Will it risk losing this reputation with the imposition of a dress code? I suggest their students be "gently" reminded that their demeanor reflects not only their education, but more importantly, their person. They should be "encouraged" to dress as befits their distinction of belonging to this elite institution. They should be acknowledged as adults and told so. The most severe of these actions should be a "request" for self-monitoring.

The biggest complement Silliman University can pay itself is to forget about this. It is for them to believe that their students have inculcated their vision and been taught well. As a late, great Law School Dean told me a long time ago: "We cannot teach our children independence and critical thinking if we do not willingly give them the opportunity to practice these."


  1. You should've put a pic of David Beckham instead of that not so hot athlete. Maybe the school authorities will realize their mistake and allow students to wear sportwear.

  2. I wanted Beck too but he wears his shorts too long lol! This player is Ronaldo, another soccer great daw so I hear. If you email me a pic of David Beckham in short shorts, I will edit this post stat:)