Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On Hayahay

It's semestral break for my girls and we're determined to make the most of it. Earlier in the day, we were at Malatapay. Although we were fine with the day's adventure, we wanted had to go to Hayahay. Wednesday night is reggae night! Recording artists and local band Enchie were featured.

Located along the famous Rizal Boulevard extension facing the ocean, Hayahay is one of many establishments peacefully sharing space, food and service in a commercial compound. There's a travel agency, a small boutique selling souvenirs and beach wear and the renowned Lab-as where we bring out of town guests for the best seafood dishes. Hayahay is mainly a venue and bar. That they draw in the crowds at night is probably the reason surrounding restaurants offer their menus there.

We got seats at the tree house in Chez Andre. Lucky! The best pizza for me in Dumaguete is here. In Manila, I go to their branch at Kingswood in Pasong Tamo (across Shopwise).

We ordered the Four Seasons, which we get when we can't decide. See the catsup served with it? That's the way it's done here, honestly! They do, though, make their own HOT(!) sauce which is excellent.

A couple of beers and one large pizza later, we where no closer to hearing Enchie perform live. There were other bands providing reggae music and they were actually pretty good. There was no moon that night and we were looking out into the vast darkness that was the ocean. It made a difference.

I was tired from all we did that day. Yup, I'm THAT old:) I swear though, the next time I go here on a Wednesday night, I'll make sure to get a nap in the afternoon and have coffee first. Or maybe I'll just pass and let the kids go. Note to self: Get the CD!

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