Thursday, November 1, 2007

On The Sexy Filipina

My eldest daughter says that after you've read a year's worth of Cosmopolitan, it begins another cycle. Only this time it's a variation on the same themes. She knows these things, we get all the magazines, I trust her. But does it mean that everything we need to know about being fun, fearless and sexy can fit into a mere 12 issues!?

I beg to differ. There are sexy Filipinas everywhere, undefined by convention. Here are my Top Ten picks, none of the Cosmo mold:

  • The sexy Filipina is our previous "labandera" who survived three husbands and has no teeth, even false ones.

  • The sexy Filipina is our current "labandera" who moved to the next barangay and got herself a new husband(!), or was it the other way around? (I should do laundry).

  • The sexy Filipina is the ubiquitous "Lola" who dresses up like Madonna did in the 80's. Like a virgin!

  • The sexy Filipina is the overly made-up matron reeking of perfume, dancing the night away with a much younger man.

  • The sexy Filipina is my 40-year old sister, who insists on wearing micro-mini skirts but doesn't know how to sit.

  • The sexy Filipina is a young girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and absolutely kills me with her public displays of affection.

  • The sexy Filipina is the subservient Shoemart salesgirl with her ill-fitting mini-dress, yellow stockings and open-toed shoes. How sexy is the uniform!

  • The sexy Filipina is our "isaw suki", who weighs 300 lbs. and who makes her husband scream in ecstasy. (Their neighbors are gossips).

  • The sexy Filipina is my friend Grace, who told me to spit into a man's first drink in the morning, to bury his used underwear in the the foundations of our house, how to look at men and much, much more. Local voodoo to keep men from straying. I didn't listen!

  • The sexy Filipina is ME, who at age 40 dared to wear my first bikini;)

I dare my daughters to outdo this list and be creative. It will help them define the word "sexy." And maybe they won't need to read so much to find answers. As to the word "Filipina," it's best taught by example.

BLOGGER'S NOTE. I'm rising to the challenge: "Write at least one entry with the word “Filipina” somewhere in the title of your entry and discuss anything about the Filipina — whether it is about you or some outstanding Filipina Woman you know. Use words like “Filipina, sexy Filipina, Filipina woman, sexy Filipina woman, Filipina Mom or Smart and Sexy Filipina” in our blog entries." For more on the The Filipina Images, click on ANY of the words "FILIPINA" in this post.

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