Friday, September 12, 2008

On Being A Published Writer

I'm back after a long hiatus.  I've accepted the fact that while in Manila, I'm stuck with dial-up prepaid cards.  I'm up 12mn to 8am to browse, blog and comment on free off-peak hours.  Globe Telecom is a long way from Pasay, believe me.  I doubt their broadband will ever reach me. DLSU has wi-fi capability and is 3 blocks away but they say I'm out of the reach of their network.  Huh!?

In the meantime, I got a gig as a freelance writer!  To live my dream is the most exciting thing to have happened.  Technically, I have a secondary education but in the real world I have a PhD. It's great to be able to share street smarts on a superior IQ lol!

As a blogger I'm censor, writer, editor, proofreader and publisher all at once.  The Blogger site is my medium and advertiser.  As a freelance writer, I have my editor/publisher/administrator to go over my stuff. It's hard work writing for a publication with even a limited circulation.  In fairness, my blog doesn't get that many readers yet.  I've toned down my rhetoric (which isn't all that) to be politically-, gender-, religiously correct on print.

As to what I enjoy, it's everything all at once.  Freelance writing can pay for those pre-paid cards and my phone bill.  Seeing your words on paper is not a bad thing either.  I can lose the by-line, I love my anonymity.  But I love the freedom of blogging and the release of my rants even more. Let's see what happens next.

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