Sunday, September 14, 2008

On Playing Devil’s Advocate

During announcements at Mass, the Program of Activities for Parish Week came up.  Sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony will be held for free, a medical clinic will be held and there will be the usual distribution of goods to our less fortunate neighbors.  “An Instructive Talk by Bro ___ & Sis ___ from Ministry of Family Life speaker of a relevant issues on the church stand against propose congressional bill on Reproductive Health[sic]” is scheduled on Thursday night.  All parishioners are invited, according to the flyers. 

So what will I do Thursday night?  I will participate in the Angelus and Rosary at 6pm then attend the 6.30 Mass.  “The Talk” will begin at 7:30.  What do I expect?  I expect to hear a rational and detached speech outlining the practicality of the Church’ opposition to HB00017.  I am looking forward to seeing the full text of the Reproductive Health Bill and discussing it point by point.  I am writing down my questions and hope that I get straightforward answers.  And although chances are nil that I’d change my mind, I hope that some salient points will be brought up that make me understand the Church.  Finally, I’m excited to have intelligent discussion on something I feel strongly for. 

Will I finally be excommunicated?  I seriously doubt it though it’s a possibility.  Will I be unpopular because of my stand?  For sure.  Will it stop me?  Never!  As “filipina42,” I’ve shown that I’m proud of my citizenship, my gender and my age in that order.  These are the things that define me.  My identity is insignificant.  If I was named Kitty Go, I’d use that nick too.  Unfortunately, it’s not. 

I will do everything in my capacity to do right by Filipina mothers.  Change that:  Catholic Filipina mothers.  I will continue what I do for just one violent reaction.  Please take a stand.

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