Thursday, November 27, 2008

On Finally Having Pics

I was feeling mighty fine today when I got up. So fine, in fact, that I decided to take my picture. This has never happened before. We have all sorts of gadgets (yes, including those) at home that there was no excuse for me not to have a portrait taken.  I imagine I could pretty much stick my face under the scanner cover and press a button if I was desperate.

They'all claim to be pretty good photographers but I always hid my face, ruining some very important photos. Today however, I will let "giddy" take over and push "shy" off for a moment to get the job done.

It was pretty awkward at first with the digicam. You can't set it up. It felt stupid. I had let a whole virtual film roll go. Two hours later, my bemused daughter told me to use her Mac. Perfect! I could see myself and choose from the effects of the Photo Booth application. Here are the results of my first foray into egocentricity.


  1. I never thought of putting pictures on my blog. Why? I don't know.

    Based on the pictures you've posted. Those were all great.

    Hail to egocentricity.

  2. I think I am a fan :-D

    Still reading hehehe, might take awhile it seems you been writing awhile now.

    I was gonna make a blog but its not up yet. But mostly to share music not like a diary.

  3. Thanks for dropping by! The more bloggers, the better I say:)