Monday, November 24, 2008

On Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

I've always had a healthy sense of humor.  No doubt, it kept my sanity intact while the kids were growing up and relationships ran through their course.  My only regret is that I can't laugh out loud (lol), LITERALLY.  We have a genetic predisposition to lock-jaw.  I have horror stories to prove it.  Now that's soooo not funny!

I've always envied those who bwahahahh at slapstick and heeheehee when tickled.  I just crinkle my nose when I find something funny.  If it's really hilarious, I turn up my lips a little.  (I had a repressed childhood).  To cover up potentially embarrassing situations, I've learned to give the punch line with a straight face.  I prefer sarcasm or irony to inject humor.  I don't do it to show off wit, I just can't open my mouth wide enough to laugh at corny, over-the top jokes...which I happen to love!

The events of the past few weeks however, has made me feel positively light-headed and giddy. A huge weight has been taken off my shoulders and I want to jump up and down with joy.  I'm on the verge of a laughfest but am afraid of the consequences, to my mouth in particular.

To sober up and keep my emotions reined in, I ask myself this question:  Is the laughter a result of a positive or negative experience?  Are these feelings the effect of a purging or a symptom of a deeper emotional affliction?  I suspect the worst because I've never this happy in my life, which is weird.  There have been way many more moments of profound gratitude.

Let this post's title speak for itself.

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