Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On Losing My Sight

I lost my glasses.  AGAIN! Although they were a horrendous pair bought on sale, they did their job.

I got a new prescription filled out after a check-up with my opthalmologist.  It turns out my astigmatism is worse so we had to adjust accordingly.  I went to my "suki" optician at Cartimar and picked out fashionably dorky shades (on sale, of course).  Instead of getting single vision reading glasses, I opted to get the double vision or "doble-vista."  What possessed me to order that, I don't know.

I lost my old glasses the day after I got my new pair.  So now, I'm blind again unless I read from the lower fifth of my lens.  Which means:  I have to stretch my neck up to play the piano or use the computer.  The pain!

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